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UNIC Rumba 1Gr.

Rumba 3-group

 Phoenix-R (Parts only)

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 Pony - Electronic control Pod Group.  Not imported in USA any longer.   For parts only

 Pony-T Easy, efficient, commercial grade in a small frame

Limited time special offer - New unit $750.00 only. Includes free shipping to address in USA. Free Steaming thermometer, steaming pitcher and one box of coffee pods.

UNIC Pony-T Classic (converted for Italian ground Coffee). Priced at affordable $850.00. Free shipping to address in USA 






 Owner's manual Pony-T

Pony and Stella features

Technical book Pont-S

Conversion kit Pod to ground coffee

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 UNIC Pony-T Pod system for home & small business

 Stella ground coffee system for home & small business

UNIC Diva 2 Gr. model pre 1997

UNIC Diva 1Gr. model pre 1997

 UNIC XI  3Gr. model pre 1997

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 Phoenix Pro 1-Gr.  1997 - 2004

     Diva Pro  1-Gr.   1997 - 2004

     Diva Pro 2-Gr.  1997 - 2004

      Diva Pro 3-Gr.   1997 - 2004

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